About Me

Amani Sodhi is a highly accomplished Content Strategist and Marketing professional. Graduating magna cum laude from Davidson College with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital and Media Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, she has demonstrated a strong academic background.

With her expertise in creating and implementing consistent email marketing strategies, updating user-facing platforms, and leading teams in creating robust event brand strategies for conferences, Amani has proven her ability to produce successful campaigns. She has also developed and executed social media strategies that have significantly increased monthly page views and unique visitors.

Amani’s experience includes roles as a Content Strategist, Public Relations Intern, and Marketing and Social Media Intern, where she worked with executive teams to create and implement updated copy, managed social media campaigns, and designed various marketing materials using Canva and the Adobe suite. Her coursework at Davidson showcases her vast portfolio of digital artwork. Amani is a dedicated and driven professional with a strong work ethic, constantly striving for excellence in her work.